Ekaterine Nanitashvili;

  • MA Studies: Master’s Degree in Philology Majoring in Anglistics/Americanistics; School of Graduate Studies; Ilia State University; 2007-2010
  • BA Studies: Bachelor’s Academic Degree in Pedagogy of the English and German Languages; Faculty of Foreign Languages; Ilia Chavchavadze State University; 2002-2007
  • Summer School “Speech Acts”; Göttingen, Germany; 2019
  • Summer School “The South Caucasian Chalk Circle 2”; Tbilisi, Georgia; 2018
  • International training workshop within the framework of the IDEX Emergence project LaDyCa: Methods for Endangered Kartvelian varieties documentation and analysis according to Language Dynamics Theory; Tbilisi, Georgia; 2017

“Argument Structure in Georgian Sign Language”

Georgian Sign Language linguistics counts several years. But the features of GESL that have already been explored promise high expectations for future discoveries. Research of any unexplored sign language is an indispensable resource for linguists. Thus, the collected and analyzed data will be invaluable for not only Georgian linguistics and sign language linguistics, but also for typological studies of sign and spoken languages. In general, three basic mechanisms for encoding argument structure are found in spoken languages: word order, verb agreement and case markers. But case markers are extremely rare phenomena in sign languages. However, existence of case marking in GESL has already been proved by the recent researches. The key purpose of my research is to explore the properties of argument structure and argument marking in GESL, to define the agreement markers, to investigate other means of verb agreement marking in order to develop new theoretical approaches to argument structure in GESL.

  • FEAST Conference, Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign Language Theory, Venice, Italy, 2018
  • TISLR-13 Conference, Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research, Hamburg, Germany, 2019

” The Lehmann-Haupt International Doctoral Program offers a unique opportunity for young researchers to develop their ideas under supervision of the most influential scientists in the field. Being a participant of the Lehmann-Haupt International Doctoral Program is a fascinating and almost unbelievable experience for me and I will use and benefit from this chance as much as possible. “