Tinatin Khachidze

Ilia State University-University of Münster

  • BA Studies: Law, faculty of Law at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University from 9/2013 to 08/2017

    MA Studies: 

    • LL.M. in German Law at the University of Münster (Germany) from 10/2018 to 12/2019
    • Completed the first year of the two-year Master’s programme in private law at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University from 10/2017 to 09/2018, thereof from 03/2018 to 08/2018 Erasmus + exchange student at Saarland University (Germany)

„Equal human rights and religious neutrality of law.

Theoretical principles and current dynamics in Georgia“


Contemporary democracies are confronted with the challenges posed by the religious plurality. The freedom of religion combined with the prohibition of discrimination obliges secular constitutional states to respect different beliefs of their citizens equally and to provide certain guarantees so that each individual can shape his/her life according to his/her own convictions. This liberal ideal is also enshrined in the Georgian constitution (Articles 8, 11 and 16). From the mentioned articles arises also the principle of the religious neutrality, according to which the state authorities must remain neutral towards any religion or belief. 


Although the principle of religious neutrality seems almost self-evident, it is still the subject of the lively discussions among philosophers, lawyers, political theorists and theologians. What is the actual content of the neutrality duty? Does it exclude the pious citizens from the political debates in the public sphere? May religious arguments ever justify the decisions of the state authorities? These are just a few examples of the raised issues. Considering this, the purpose of my doctoral thesis is to dive into the huge scientific discussion on this topic in order to offer a definition of the neutrality principle best suitable to the Georgian context. 

  • Participation in the student conferences in administrative law, organized by Tbilisi State University (20.01.2017; 27.12.2016)


  • Participation in the student conferences in private law, organized by Tbilisi State University (25.12.2016; 21.05.2015)


4.Grants (own Grants and Participation in Grants)

  • DAAD Scholarship for MA studies at the University of Münster (from 10/2018 to 11/2019)
  • Erasmus + funding for an exchange Semester at Saarland University (from 03/2018 to 08/2018)
  • DAAD Grant for a German language and civilization course at the University of Potsdam (08/2016)

I am very happy to participate in the joint doctoral school of Ilia State University and the University of Münster. I had enough time to get to know both universities closer and I am very satisfied with the research conditions and the quality of teaching. I got the impression that I can always rely on the professional support, both in practical and theoretical matters.  On my part, I will try to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills, meet as many interesting people as possible, test myself in new situations and thus broaden my horizon. That is why I am sure that this program will contribute a lot to my personal and professional development.