Vasil Metreveli
(+995) 598600112


  • BA Studies: Georgian State Agrarian University; Tbilisi, Georgia; Bachelor of Forestry Business; 2007-2011
  • MA Studies: Ilia State University Master’s program of Forest and Natural Recourses (MSc Natural Recourses); 2012-2014
  • Internship in Tbilisi National Park, Natural Resource Specialist; 6 months in 2012
  • Researcher of Botanical Institute (Ilia State University) Department of Geobotany; Tbilisi, Georgia; 2015-2018
  • Junior Lecturer at Ilia State University; 2016-2018

“Chestnut Ecology in the Caucasus”

The Ph.D. research represents a study of European chestnut (Castanea sativa) ecology in the Caucasus, which describes the distribution and conditions of chestnut forest.

According to the national Red List of Georgia, Castanea sativa is considered as a vulnerable species. It is distributed in Europe and Asia and represents a relict of the Last Glaciations Maximum. Castanea sativa is a native species in the Caucasus and this region was one of the most important refugia during the glaciations period.

Even though there are several studies about C. sativa in the region, we still do not know their occurrence and distribution patterns in the Caucasus. Also, we do not know what the dissemination depends on and how the variables of distribution differ in the area.

Goals: 1. Chestnut distribution model for the Caucasus; 2. Determination of most suitable places for chestnut; 3. Detection of genetically different populations of chestnut in different parts of the study area/region

  • Project: “Expansion and Improved Management Effectiveness of the Adjara Region’s Protected Areas (00088000)“ Task: Provision of Services for Machakhela National Park Resource Inventory Baselines Studies and Mapping. Funding organization – The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) / 2015. Functions – Forest Inventory and Vegetation Description (Forester Specialist).
  • Project: Mapping Wetlands of Georgia Task: Identification (field data gathering), delineation and mapping of wetlands of Georgia. Funded by: Integrated Biodiversity Management in the South Caucasus (15.2101.2-004.00), (IBiS)/GIZ 2016. Functions –Identification of wetland forest plant species (Forest specialist).
  • Project: “Conservationof uniqueforestsin Georgiathrough establishment of newprotected areas / GE0058” Task: Describing and Mapping (modeling) of Forest Typology, Ecological Conditions of Forests and Actual Forest Use (ownership, local use, concessions, etc.).
  • Funding organization-World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Functions – Description and Mapping (modeling) of the Forest Typology (Team Leader) 2016.
  • Project: “Integrated conservation action for Nitraria schoberi – scaling up public outreach (BGCI – 1063) Task: Mapping of the habitats of Nitraria schoberi and raising awareness of local population about the importance of Nitraria schoberi in Georgia. Funded by BGCI- Botanic Gardens Conservation International. Role in the project – Researcher, educator. 2016-17.

” The Lehmann-Haupt International Doctoral Program gives me the possibility to continue getting theoretical and practical knowledge based on European standards. It further allows me to use the research facilities at Georg-August-University of Göttingen as well as at Ilia State University and thus to improve to environment for scientific studies in my discipline. I am looking forward to gaining excellent research experience which will be very valuable for my future career as a researcher in Georgia. “