On December 5, 2018 Levan Cheishvili gave a presentation on his doctoral research project at the Doctoral Forum. Levan’s research specifically focuses on the subject “Nanoarchitectonics and nanomechanics of ‘epileptic neuron’”, on which he is writing his doctoral thesis within the frame of the “Cellular Neuroscience PhD program” at Ilia State University.

With his presentation Levan gave insights into the development of a new strategy concerning the treatment of epilepsy. He explained the study of the nanoscale characteristics of the hippocampus “epileptic neuron” in a dynamic setting through atomic force microscope as his research objective. This method is supposed to reveal the modifications of the 3D “epileptic neuron” nanostructure and nanomechanics based on differently acting pro-epileptic drugs. Accordingly, it was pointed out that a targeted intervention, which will restore the altered structure of “epileptic neuron”, will be the most important step towards a successful treatment of epilepsy.

Subsequent to the presentation the participants of the Doctoral Forum used the opportunity to deepen the subject with questions concerning the application of research methods and materials.

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