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An International Interdisciplinary Structured Doctoral Program “Democracy, Human Rights and Religion”

Democracy, Human Rights, and Religion” is a joint project between Ilia State University Tbilisi (ISU) and the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU) that offers graduates the opportunity to pursue doctoral research in Practical Philosophy within a structured Cotutelle-based framework. In total 10 doctoral students, divided into two cohorts, are conducting their doctoral studies not only at ISU but also spend several extended periods at WWU in Münster/Germany throughout the course of their doctorates. Each participant receives a base grant that allows them to fully concentrate on their doctorate and develop their thesis. The supplementing academic program at ISU and WWU involves disciplinary events, such as seminars and summer schools. Moreover, the joint project provides supervision that is carried out by supervisory teams composed of professors from each university. Upon successful completion of the PhD project doctoral degrees from WWU and ISU can be obtained on the basis of only one single dissertation.

Thematically, the structured doctoral program addresses the fundamental social, philosophical and normative questions faced by all current societies that are committed to pluralism and democracy. Hence, “Democracy, Human Rights, and Religion” particularly involves research topics that focus on the interrelatedness of and the tensions between democracy, human rights and religion. The deliberately wide-ranging thematic frame allows for a large number of suitable research topics and thus clearly emphasizes the strong interdisciplinary approach of the program.

“Democracy, Human Rights, and Religion” is generously funded by the German Volkswagen Foundation.