Workshop “Grounded Theory” for Doctoral Students

This workshop interactively examines the basic ideas and concepts of Grounded Theory (GT) methodology in theory and practice. In the first phase, we will discuss GT’s philosophical origins as well as its main methodological perspectives. Then we address key issues such as what is a GT research question and how to phrase questions that are appropriate to the GT imperative of openness in order to discuss the main features of a GT study design. In a third phase, we will analyze potential challenges and pitfalls of the research practice. GT concepts that might seem blurry, e.g. “saturation of data” and “theoretical sampling”, will be clarified.

Time: 2 days, 3 hours per day (a total of 6 hours)

Instructors: Prof. Dr. Levan Tsagareli (Ilia State University, School of Arts and Sciences)

Maximum Number of Participants: 25

Trainer: Prof. Levan Tsagareli

Duration: 2 days (a total of 6 hours)


December1: 11:00 -14:00
December 2: 11:00-14:00

The workshop will be delivered via Zoom, in the Georgian language. It is designed for Ilia State University first- through eighth-semester PhD students with Active Student Status and Post docs/Researchers affiliated with Ilia State University.

Deadline for sending the applications: November 24, 16:00.

Workshop candidates will be selected based on “first come, first serve” principle. Priority will be given to students of International Doctoral School.

Please, follow the link to fill out the form:

In the case of missing the workshop without a three-day prior notice, selected doctoral students will be denied an opportunity to attend training sessions throughout one year. Notification should be sent to Tina Kadagishvili:

About the trainer:

Levan Tsagareli –

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