Workshop on Distant Reading and Digital Literary Studies

On November 1-2, Ilia State University Professor Levan Tsagareli will hold a workshop on the topic: Distance reading and literature research using digital technologies.

The workshop explores the scope and challenges of Digital Literary Studies. It addresses primarily the PhD-students of Literature and Philology, however the presence of the representatives of other human and social sciences will also be appreciated as a contribution to the interdisciplinary dialogue on research methodology. The participants of the workshop will have the opportunity to get familiar with the specifics of digital literary studies not merely theoretically, but also practically by exploring one of the tools for digital annotation and digital text analysis CATMA. A short literary text will be selected for examination based on both traditional approaches of literary studies and the digital tools. The workshop will be held in the Flipped Classroom format: The participants will have to read course material and do some (online-)tasks before each session, whereas in the meetings discussions and presentations will take place covering the following topics:

  1. Digital Literary Studies – a method or an instrument? (introductory discussion)
  2. Distant Reading (Franco Moretti) as an appropriate method for exploration of the World Literature (presentations)
  3. Digital Annotation applying CATMA (exercise)
  4. Digital Analysis applying CATMA (exercise)
  5. Outcomes of individually conducted digital analysis (presentations)
  6. Other tools and resources of Digital Humanities (overview)
  7. Perspectives and limitations of Digital Literary Studies (concluding discussion)


Trainer: Prof. Levan Tsagareli

Duration: 2 days a 4 hours (a total of 8 hours)

Number of participants: 15


November 1: 15:00-19:00

November 2: 15:00-19:00

The workshop will be delivered via Zoom, in the Georgian language. It is designed for ISU’s first- through eighth-semester PhD students with Active Student Status.

Deadline for sending the applications: October 23, 16:00.

Please, follow the link to fill out the form:

In the case of missing the workshop without a three-day prior notice, selected doctoral students will be denied an opportunity to attend training sessions throughout one year. Notification should be sent to

About the trainer:

Time: 1-2 November

Attendance: Free, subject to prior registration

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