Workshop on “Research Data – Management, Infrastructures, and Applications”

Aims of the Workshop

Digital data are the basis of nearly all scientific research. The increasing amount and complexity of scientific data pose challenges to keeping data organized, documented, and available for verification of research and new analyses leading to new insights. The workshop will address various aspects of research data management (RDM) to guide you through this field.

The workshop is divided into two parts. The first part will be a general presentation of RDM topics. The second part will be a “classroom” in which concrete problems, applications and possible solutions will be discussed.

Why Attend the Workshop?

Research data management has become much more important in recent years. Now, you must think about RDM more and more in research. Data management plans (DMPs) have become indispensable for third-party funding applications, especially at the European Commission. Policies for Good Scientific Practice also increasingly oblige RDM. At least, you should think about it, because the re-use data, at least for yourself, but also others, will come in the future. The acceptance of data as a separate publication is likely to increase in the future as well. And “fits somehow” has never won a Nobel Prize. RDM helps with these questions. This workshop support you to start and application with RDM.

Who Should Attend?

  • Researchers of all fields
  • Research Supporting Staff

Topics Covered in the Workshop

The general, first part – session 1 and 2 – of the workshop addresses the following topics:

  • Research Data Definitions and Data Cycles
  • Data Repositories
  • Data Journals
  • Metadata and Standards
  • Persistent Identifier
  • Science Clouds

The second part – session 3 and 4 – discusses the following topics:

  • FAIR Data Principles
  • Data Management Plans
  • Legal and Ethical Aspects
  • File Handling and Versioning
  • Data Visualisation
  • Data Licenses and Policies
  • Data Backup and Long Time Archival
  • Scientific Software
  • Electronic Laboratory Notebooks
  • Open Data

Dr. Yves Vincent Grossmann (Max Planck Digital Library, Munich, Germany,,

Workshop Schedule

27th October 2021, 6-8 pm (UTC +4)

3rd November, 6-8 pm (UTC +4)

10th November, 6-8 pm (UTC +4)

17th November, 6-8 pm (UTC +4)


Digital platform: ZOOM

In order to get registered please Click here

Registration Deadline: 22nd of October


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